What is a Voice Over Demo?

A Voice Over Demo is a short audio recording that will demonstrate everything that a voice over artist can provide potential clients that advertise in media outlets such as radio and television.

A voice demo can consist of different types of reads that may focus on commercials, promos, characters, narrations or trailers among others.

If you are a professional VO talent looking to upgrade current material or just getting started in the industry, a well produced demo offers better possibilities of being hired.  We can record your demos at our studio or you can send your pre-recorded audio on mp3 format.

What the agencies and producers want to hear.

For a Voice Over Demo to be recognized as professional by producers it needs to incorporate certain criteria.  Its quality needs to be up to par with audio production that is being broadcast on radio or TV. 

Simply recording your voice and putting a music bed behind it is not sufficient enough to be viable and could become a terrible example of your work.  Our demo production is done with a keen sense of current trends keeping in mind what is favored by industry insiders.